Educated hope, practical strategies, and empathetic support.

  • Education

    POP UP provides educated hope through evidence-guided information. We analyze research, refer to our combined years of experience working with people with POP, and teach you to think critically so that you can reach the best decisions to meet your needs.

  • Support

    We believe that support, empathy, and encouragement are lacking in the current model of POP management. POP UP provides kindness, humor, and a community of people who "get it". Step away from the late-night Google searches and join us instead!

  • Self-Care

    We take a whole-person approach. We address the psychological, social, sexual, and physical impact POP can have and we aim to support you with a multidimensional professional and personal approach.

  • You Are Powerful

    We believe that you are likely far more powerful and capable than you think. We want to arm you with the tools to confidently navigate your life with POP. Build resilience, challenge yourself safely, and fully recognize how powerful you truly are.

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POP UP is on a mission to change the way we manage pelvic organ prolapse.

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POP UP: An Uplifting Guide

Our signature offering, POP UP is an educational course delivering over 10 hours of content on treatment, management, self-care, sex, body image, surgery, physical therapy, exercise, and more. It has it all - except the 12-week strength program!

Save money when you purchase the full program!

POP UP(LIFT) is 12-weeks and over 150 videos of strength, mobility, and awareness building exercise. It is only available to those who purchase POP UP. Add on POP UP(Lift) Strength Circuits and POP UP(Run) for over 24 weeks of exercise programming!