POP UP: An Uplifting Guide

Over ten hours of content from women with personal and professional experience with POP.

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  • What is POP UP?

    POP UP is a comprehensive educational course specifically created for those managing pelvic organ prolapse. It is delivered entirely online with video modules on topics like exercise, sex, treatment options, body image, pelvic floor physical therapy, daily movement activities, and more!

  • Who created POP UP and POP UP(LIFT)?

    POP UP is the combined effort of Haley Shevener, CSCS, a perinatal exercise expert with POP, and Dr. Annemarie Everett, DPT, WCS, a pelvic floor physical therapist. Haley and Annemarie saw a huge need for modern, evidence-guided information, and support for people with POP.

  • What is POP UP(LIFT)?

    POP UP(LIFT) is our supplemental 12-week strength program. It builds off of the knowledge earned in POP UP and guides you through exactly what to do to build a base of function and fitness, free of fear.

  • I haven't done any exercise following a POP diagnosis. Will this be too much for me?

    We start off with basic foundational movements that will help you build awareness, confidence, and control. From there, the program is progressive and scalable, and you are always in control of what you feel comfortable doing.

  • I'm a high level athlete. Will POP UP(LIFT) be too easy for me?

    Initially, the movements on paper might look "too easy". But performing the movements in the early weeks is essential to building the capacity for more intense movement. Our goal is to get you there, but not to rush you through the process. Build the foundation, trust the process, get back to doing what you love - after you've earned it.

  • I'm pregnant/newly postpartum/menopausal, can I do this program?

    POP UP(LIFT) is designed to be scaled, should you need to. Most people in all phases of life will be able to perform the vast majority of the movements listed, but we always recommend consulting your personal care provider before engaging in any exercise program.

  • What equipment do I need?

    We designed POP UP(LIFT) to have the fewest barriers to strength as possible, and have designed it to be done at home, or in the gym if you prefer. You'll need a mini band, a long resistance band, a comfortable place to exercise, a towel/pillow, and a light/moderate weight/object (like a backpack, car seat, etc.). You can get started with no equipment, however!

  • What do I do after POP UP(LIFT)?

    With the education provided in POP UP, you'll understand essential exercise science concepts that will help you navigate *any* exercise endeavor. With a solid foundation, you'll be able to continue to progressively advance your workouts, adding in more challenge and complexity as you see fit. Additionally, we have several courses aimed at various exercise practices in the mix! You'll have first and discounted access to those, as soon as they're available.

  • Do I have to complete POP UP(LIFT) in 12 weeks?

    Absolutely not! POP UP and POP UP(LIFT) are self-paced. The 12 week timeline is a very rough guide. You have as long as you need.

Just want the essentials without the exercise plan?

POP UP: An Uplifting Guide is available without the purchase of the 12-week strength program

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What POP UP users are saying:

"So pumped to add new knowledge to my arsenal."

Seriously so emotional just looking through your material. Like a crazy sense of validation and freedom. I can’t even really explain it. You have articulated so much of what I have believed for so long. So pumped to add new knowledge to my arsenal.

"Made me feel that my life isn't over."

Thank you SO much for all you’re doing. I felt as though I was going insane earlier this year but you have normalised this and made me feel that my life isn’t over. Thank you.

"I learned more in this video than in 5 months of PT!"

This. Is. AWESOME. Thank you so much. I leaned more in this video about picking stuff up than 5 months of PT. What the heck. I want to get to being able to just live my life. And when there I want to add more lifting. I’m still in the scared stage. And this is really helpful.