POP UP: An Uplifting Guide

Changing the way we manage pelvic organ prolapse.

Hi! We're the creators of POP UP! 

Haley is a strength coach, a perinatal exercise expert, fitness presenter, and mom with POP. Annemarie is a pelvic floor physical therapist with advanced training in issues concerning women's health. Together, we recognized a massive gap in the way we experience, manage, treat, and talk about pelvic organ prolapse. 

We are on a mission to change the narrative on POP. We believe that education that is evidence-guided and empathetically delivered can eliminate fear, offer solutions, and provide educated hope

We created POP UP for our clients, patients, and even ourselves; it's the resource we needed. But most importantly, we created POP UP for you. We hope you'll find POP UP to be an uplifting guide that helps you better understand, troubleshoot, and manage your POP. 

Featuring Interviews with Experts

We're Joined by Experts in Their Respective Fields to Share Information Relevant to Managing Pelvic Organ Prolapse

World-Renowned Researcher, Professor, and Clinician

Professor Dietz, MD, PhD, FRANZCOG, DDU, CU

World-Renowned Researcher, Professor, and Clinician

Prof. Dietz joins us in an extremely thorough interview to discuss his research on ultrasound, treating levator avulsions, POP diagnostics, and more.
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Sexuality Counselor, Founder of Vino & Vulvas

Heather Edwards, PT, MPT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Sexuality Counselor, Founder of Vino & Vulvas

Heather sheds light on a topic that all-too-often remains unspoken: sex! We discuss sex with POP, navigating one's evolving body and one's partnership. In addition, we were also privileged to hear Heather talk about trans issues regarding POP.
Physiotherapist, Educator

Antony Lo, The Physio Detective

Physiotherapist, Educator

Antony joins us to discuss how he approaches higher-level athletics with people navigating POP, and how he helps people challenge their beliefs about their capabilities.
Physiotherapist, Chiropractor & Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Dr. Greg Lehman, BKIN, MSC, DC, MSCPT

Physiotherapist, Chiropractor & Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Greg joins us to discuss how he implements the research on modern pain science with his practice, and his perspective as a "movement optimist". We discuss the similarities between chronic pain and chronic symptoms and chat about opportunities to change our perception.
Founder of Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism

Brianna Battles, MS, CSCS

Founder of Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism

Brianna joins us to discuss returning to higher level athleticism and group strength and conditioning classes while managing POP. We discuss navigating the conversations and concepts involving a return to more intense activity, and how best to support oneself throughout this journey.

And more! We're adding interviews every week!

We look forward to connecting you with even more of the top experts to help you better understand your POP and how to approach it.

More than a course, POP UP is a community!

Join us for honest discussion, expert question and answer sessions, and social support in our private Facebook group.

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  • What is POP UP?

    POP UP is a comprehensive educational course specifically created for those managing pelvic organ prolapse. It is delivered entirely online with video modules on topics like exercise, sex, treatment options, body image, pelvic floor physical therapy, daily movement activities, and more!

  • Who created POP UP?

    POP UP is the combined effort of Haley Shevener, CSCS, a perinatal exercise expert with POP, and Dr. Annemarie Everett, DPT, WCS, a pelvic floor physical therapist. Haley and Annemarie saw a huge need for modern, evidence-guided information, and support for people with POP.

  • What is POP UP(LIFT)?

    POP UP(Lift) is our signature 12-week strength program that takes you from solidifying a foundation to working towards more advanced movement. POP UP includes several hours of content on exercise, and POP UP(Lift) is the supplement for someone who wants to know exactly what to do, in terms of working back up to safely exercising. Using body weight and resistance band exercises that can be done in your own home, you'll start with the basics and progress over the 12 weeks to work up to push-ups, squats, lunges, abdominal exercise, and so much more! POP UP(Lift) is included in both the Foundational and Ultimate bundles.

  • What is POP UP(Lift) Strength Circuits?

    Strength Circuits are the progression from the initial 12-week program. Using a kettlebell, dumbbell, resistance band, and your own bodyweight, you'll get even stronger and feel more confident moving in your body! All you'll need to do is press-play-and-go; you can follow along with the videos! POP UP(Lift) Strength Circuits are included in the Ultimate Bundle.

  • I'm pregnant. Does this info still apply?

    Yes! We have chapters on pregnancy and the early postpartum period. In fact, much of the information presented is applicable for *anyone* with a pelvic floor, POP or not!

  • Is there anything else included?

    Purchasing gives you access to the secret Facebook group for ongoing content, interviews, tips, and community!

  • Why can't I just buy POP UP(LIFT)?

    We believe that there's more to moving with POP than simply a list of exercises. We believe that the best results are found when we have a full understanding of how to address strategy, the workings of our body, and how our feelings about body image and our abilities can influence our experience. The 12-week strength program is comprehensive and thorough, but it is dependent on having the foundational knowledge, too.


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