• With You Each Step of the Way

    Workout with the guidance and support of an expert trainer who will show you exactly what you're doing, provide helpful cues, and keep moving with you for support.

  • Minimal Equipment Necessary

    You don't need a ton of stuff to get strong. The entire 12 weeks of workouts are accomplished using a superband (a 1/2" band is used), a mini-band loop, a light (relative to your needs) dumbbell, and a light-moderate (relative to your needs) kettlebell! That's it! You can perform each workout at home, or in the gym.

  • Progress Your Fitness

    These workouts are designed to challenge you! They are the progression from our 12-week foundational program, POP UP(Lift). If you have completed the basics, and need to challenge yourself through the next steps, POP UP(Lift) Strength Circuits is for you!

12 Weeks of Strength

for less than the cost of 1 personal training session


  • What are the prerequisites?

    It is expected that you have completed a progressive, foundational program aimed at teaching you how to move your body with POP. Our recommendation is POP UP(Lift), our signature 12-week strength program, but it's also possible that you have accomplished this through PFPT or working through a similar program. If you have questions, please ask! Feel free to email us at info@popuplifting.com

  • What equipment do I need?

    A light dumbbell, a light/moderate kettlebell, a resistance band (we used a 1/2" superband), and a mini-band.

  • How are the workouts structured?

    35-50 minute sessions that include a warm-up, two circuits, and a cool down.

  • How much modification is included?

    Not as much as is included in POP UP(Lift), the foundational program. The assumption is that you have figured out how to modify specific movements that trigger symptoms already. However, there are cues given, options presented, and ways to make it harder/easier throughout! We're also always available in the secret Facebook group to answer questions!